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Heh, not long ago our Consumer Protection Agency made an announcement that local ISP can't use the word 'broadband' to decribe internet connections that are below 256kbit/s. Owned. ISPs marketed all kinds of useless crap as lightining fast internet to consumers because most people aren't internet jargon savvy. :D


My connection is 2Mbit/s, and I get full speed. It's pretty flocked up if Mr. G has 3Mbit/s and only gets 1.5 :/

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there is an easiy formula: MBit x 100 KB/sec download rate.

So if you have a 1 MBit line like me, i get like 100 KB/sec upon downloading, when the server is fast enough.

2 MBit would be downloads at like 200 KB/sec and so on


But beware, on ADSL, uploading things is usually slower than downloading.

ISPs advertise with high download rates, but if you want to upload something its mostly like still on ISDN.

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i have 3mb/s so that's 375KB/s but never that fast with bt, html on the other hand is fast and when i download stuff through html i get a higher speed sometime. i'm not sure what my upload speed is so i won't post it

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