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Buggy cartridge ? How to open ?

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I have a Yoshi Island cartridge, that works only now and then.

Sometimes i put the SNES on, and all works fine. Intro plays all the way a dozend times. When i hit start, the screen blinks once, then the game resets. Weird thing is, sometimes all works fine, mostly right after i switch the console on and push start. Can play several hours then without reset bugging me.

This behaviour appeared on my spare SNES as well, but with no other cart i have, so i suppose it must be something inside the cart. But how do i get that thing open ? Any tricks anyone ?

I read somewhere, some guy used a melted plastic stick, pushed it on that weird screw and he was then able to loosen these thingies, but all plastic stuff i tried, didnt work.

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Resets are quite common on the NES, SNES and even the N64. Get yourself a cleaning kit (a DIY solution with rubbing alcohol etc may work, but not well).

There is the possibility that the battery is causing the reset problem however. When you do get it to run, is your save data gone? (If there is any? I don't remember with this game) My Super Metroid cart did this and every time it happened, my saved games were gone........the battery was pooched.

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