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Although the previous MAME versions are available from one source, previous MAME32 versions are not, it seems. I am trying to make a set from 36(f) to 99. (Careful not to misread, that's MAME32 binary setup zips I'm after, not MAME.)


So far, I've found some at:


but many links are broken.


Some others are available at:


Search for MAME32 in the provided field.


I also have many of the 37 series emailed from a member of a MAME forum.


That leaves 0.37b1, 0.37b2, 0.37b3, 0.37b6, 0.37b12, 0.37b15, and 0.54 for me to find. I'm not trying to get any u1, u2, etc. versions.


Anybody have these available?

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I got a collecting fever lately is all. I acquired something called a rollback set that allows rebuilding MAME roms to fit any MAME version prior to 0.98, so I thought I may as well try to acquire a set of MAME32 versions to complement the collection. Also, on a couple of other forums, there were guys looking for previous versions, for use on older PCs or just for the history of it.

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