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[Request] characters HELP!

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please someone help me get these chars.

and if you can give a tough link with chars that are very hard to find, please give me it, i'm begging you on knees, also want regina too,

help friends, i would thank you a lot.


its: mibu kyoshiro

aya brea

sailor mars

sailor mercury


send to me: otakuichise@msn.com


THANKS ANYWAY!!! i got some today!

it seems when we want something we must do it ourselves!

only 4 left! sigh...but this 4 are impossible to get beacause the links

are dead!! only those who got them before can give

it to me!!dam !!!!

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The best way would be to get in touch with The Teamplayer as he moderates the MUGEN section and knows quite a bit about the subject. Like AxL said, none of the regulars that frequent the board nowadsays are MUGEN enthusiasts.


Or talk to the folks at MugenGuild.

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