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EBOOT loader v0.2 (PSP)

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This program builds on the work done by Saotome to load homebrew EBOOT.PBPs into PSPs with v2.0 firmware, using the TIFF exploit.  It will not work on any other firmware version - including v2.01.


It currently cannot run all known homebrew, but it uses a number of tricks to get substantially further than the current beta loader. 


Known limitations are:


- Can't run kernel-mode applications.

- Can't run applications with multiple program-segments in the ELF table.


It's also still very much in development, so the user interface isn't very nice to look at, and a lot of the output is cryptic.


Future plans:

- Build a selection menu to choose from different EBOOTs.

- Improve compatibility

- allow multiple program segments

- Tidy up the UI and make it more exciting to look at

- Reduce the number of components (TIF, PNG, L.BIN), but this structure is easiest to work with at the moment.


»» Homepage/Download

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