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Anyone have a Tight DVD Cover Design 4 FBAxxx PRO?


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Wanted to make a new DVD-9 of the newest FBAxxx PRO, with the roms I fixed in Romcenter. Just wanted to make it look real nice.


Cdcovers.cc has the front/back for FBAx dvd box, it's not that good though, and they don't have a cd cover for it.


Anyone made one? Or have a link to some nice designs for it?


Thanx in advance.

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well I'm at 5.1 gigs, So i'd have to delete like 500 megs to get it back down. And that would be alot of stuff I'd end up losing, prolly even more than just a few clones.


What more roms are there to be completed anyhow?


Other than Samsho5 m1, Mslug5 m1, and Kof2003a m1?

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Some ROMs from mslug5a and the P ROMs from kof2003a still aren't public.


There are also a small number of sets for which FBA-XXX Pro uses substitute ROMs simply because the original drivers won't work for one reason or another. These are unlikely to change without some outside help since I don't have the necessary coding knowledge to adapt them for the Xbox build.

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