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when should the scene expect a release of any kind


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I was just wondering if you would have any idea as an approximate time you might have something to show? Like release your basic irc client maybe?


I mean approximate as in before halloween? before christmas? before new years maybe?


No need to answer if you don't want...i'm just curious...


if you do answer, i may be inclined to donate to the bounty when i get my next check next thursday... :D


congrats for all your progress, and thanks for all the hard work...the wifi bounty you recieve will be well deserved...

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SgStair is busy working everyday on making the release for DSWifi as stable as possible. Patience is virtue and trust us, it'll be out sooner or later. SgStair is one of the most respected in the Nintendo DS homebrew scene and will release it when he believes it's ready for the public.


You can hear SgStair talk about it and the release, including more details of it on our last radio show. ;)


EDIT: 4,000th post :D / Link fixed

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