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doom the movie


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I saw a part of the tv commercial and I thought it was kinda cool when it shows the pink dog demon thing and you can see the fps style view with the shotgun in the screen and all. but I still dunno about the movie yet.

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can't be worse then the house of the dead, god that one sucked

Some people say that Alone in the Dark went even lower than HotD. Go figure. At least, the Doom movie is not directed by Uwe Boll, and that alone makes the Doom movie umpteen times better.

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I wonder the final boss from Doom 2 will make an appearance :D


It would be funny seeing Rock talking to the head on the stick ;)


hah that would be funny to see that. the rock vs. a head..

but ne ways yeah i dunno about teh fps view... that'd kinda weird but yet kinda cool... i dunno im gonna see it either way.

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