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Happy Birthday Dreamcast ^_^


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I got my Dreamcast for free. My oldest brother was DJing for Methods of Mayhem while they were at Ozzfest that year. Sega was one of the sponsors, and tehy gave everyone there a free Dreamcast and a crap load of games. My brother didn't play video games so he gave it to me.

lucky mofo. I cant wait for dreamcast 2 :o *wishes*

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Im going to go in front of the Sega Headquarters and rip my shirt off and with a knife carve DC2 in my chest and bleed all over the sidewalk screaming and foaming out the mouth untill i eventually die/get shot by someone/get thrown into the looney van.


Then maybe they will listen.....


ok this sounds like a plan, i will Smear excrement around you in the shape of a dreamcast logo which you are in the middle of when you pass out from blood loss, that will get us a new sega console.

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