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PCSX2 (PlayStation 2 Emulator) - Video Special


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Posted some news awhile back on pcsx2.

Thought you may like to know :D

Having broken the 100,000!! unique visitor count, and nearing the 500,000 page clicks mark  :)  we decided to thank all the people who have visited this site, and support the project with a few videos from the current WIP 0.9 version.


All videos are divX and are being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as Azureus to get these videos!


Four videos for you to enjoy:


Final Fantasy X - Ingame At Kilika

2 Minutes 44 Seconds | 28.7MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10-32 FPS.


Guilty Gear Isuka - Ingame Fighting Action

2 Minutes 12 Seconds | 23.4MB | Real Ingame Speed - 20-25 FPS.


Rakugaki Onkoku 3D Intro

2 Minutes 28 Seconds | 19.4MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10-15 FPS.


Virtua Fighter 4 - Evolution - Some fun ingame action!

2 Minutes 35 Seconds | 27.6MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10-15 FPS.


:) All the videos where recorded through GSdx and are automatically sped up, so you are NOT watching actual emulated speeds! The real FPS is shown under each video link! Given that these videos are being shared through Bit Torrent, we ask if you could seed (share) these files for aslong as possible!


Thankyou for visiting, and enjoy the videos!  :afro:

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Well i added the video's later than expected. but they seeem to be up now on http://www.emunext.net/ also No bittorent needed. Though all video's do come in one single download. My apologies for that matter.  :)


Nice :D though you are a brave man, those downloads on pcsx2.net have done 24.8GiB of transfer in less than 24 hours :D

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