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1 Day Away to the European PSP Launch!

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[ PSPUpdates.com ] has just provided pictures of the Sony PSP's recieved in European Stores. On September 1st, the Sony PSP will be on Sale for everyone to buy finally and legally.




"Our friend Dale from thegamescompany.co.uk (who provided the images) let us know that the European PSPs will be shipped with firmware 1.52 on them and a separate UMD disc which will contain version 2.0. Currently neither firmware versions support the execution of homebrew code to be run on them, but Yoshihiro of team WAB is working on a way to downgrade a 1.52 PSP to 1.50. If you wish to use your PSP for homebrew, do NOT upgrade to version 2.0 as there is no known method to downgrade it."


boxofgoods111thumb17zi.jpg | stackogames1903thumb12cq.jpg | crim0014thumb3hx.jpg


»» View all the pictures!

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