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Want to steal a cellphone?


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Because those people are stupid jerks and if I could I would break there fingers. It happen to my friend in a park when stupid gangsters beat him up and took his phone and wallet. Thanks for the information on the cell phone game cop need to tell him about it.

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On the old black & white display nokias the EIMI is changable (illegal, will not explain how!) also when an EIMI is blocked it only block in one country (where is has been stolen?) so they sell it in another country, I don't which country but if it was stolen from the USA it will more likeley to be Mexico or maybe Canada  :crybaby:


Now why you want to steal an old nokia anyway. Get them for free these days.

The EIMI data base is going to be world wide So soon you will not be able to use a stolen phone anywhere in the world.

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