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[08/23/2005] Silent Hill 2

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Great review man.


I was just wondering how much better it was than SH3, cuz I didn't like that one much. The oomph factor wore off pretty quick and a few hours into the game I got real bored and was just playing for completion. I was blown away by the facial design/animation of the characters though, simply amazing. Oh and Heather had a real nice personality. The gameplay is what let me down (the battle system in particluar).


So anyway, I wanted to know how similar SH2 was in quality to 3? Worth getting or not if I didn't 3 in other words.

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The gameplay in both are exactly the same, so if you didn't like SH3 in this regard, there's a good chance that you won't like SH2 either... Both are excellent games, and to me, SH3 had a creepier atmosphere because of it's ties to the original Silent Hill. SH2 is definitely worth getting if you like survival horror.


I should start to review SH3 and SH4 now, since I've been procrastinating a lot.

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