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DreamCast Sales Sky Rocketing!!

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I went to many stores this past week and everyone said.. "We are sold out of used DreamCasts!" Stores from "Electronic Boutique", "Funco Land", or your typical gaming store. Your only chance now to get a DreamCast is basically from E Bay. Now most people ask others, "Why the hell do you want a DreamCast, get a GameCube or something retard!!" Most people do not know that the DreamCast was hacked. So basically if you have a stash of around 1,000 NES Roms, prepare to start playing it on your DreamCast!! From Mp3 player, VCD player, GBC/ GB Emulator, SNES Emulator and so on, this is the emulation console. So if you don't have a DreamCast, Buy One. Because you will get your money's worth. And if you think you can't afford around $35 for it. Go work at a McDonald's or something. :)

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Im in luck a store near me only charges £20.


There still pretty common in england...unlike the saturn..

and seeing as i have ADSL i suppose i should in vest in a dreamcast and catch up with the old classics, a vcd player to boot, this sounds great...


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[fanboy]Yeah DC rocks. Everything else sucks[/fanboy]


Anyway it is still pretty easy to get a DC in the UK. I got a great deal just after Christmas. I got 3 Dreamcasts (one was broken but I fixed it. The laser callibration was off a little) for £40. I got 6 vmus for £0.50 each :) and also a couple of vibration packs and a keyboard for £2. Not to mention all the great games I have bought on the cheap the last few months.


I have my DC hooked up to my sound system in my room and it's a great MP3 and VCD player :?

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What can I do with it that I can't do on my pc??


If there is a unique reason why I should re-purchase a DC I will, but if my pc can do the same thing why should I spend the money???


I am not trying to aggrievate anyone, just curious.

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