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King of Fighters go Anime

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KOF94 rebout is coming to Xbox in U.S.

Kof94 rebout has been out for a while now in Japan on PS2.

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KOF94 rebout.





I win.


I haven't played it so I wouldn't know (I avoided Rebout, Neo Wave and MI).


It has an anime intro? How long is it and how's the quality?



Anyways, I still doubt its just an intro b/c no such atmosphere revolved around the Rebout intro (which accordhing to you is an anime cutscene, and not a slideshow like almost all the rest of the KOFs).


Another thing is that Maximum Impact wasn't a solid game and wasn't a hit by any means so spending so much on the intro would be a stupid business decision. On the other hand, when it comes to Rebout I read that the Japanese have been longing for a 94 port for a very long time because there was no home port for it.

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The anime intro is very good. Made by one of SNK's top artists. While the game lacks, the anime intro is very much well done. Lots of effort went into it.

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They just need the right animator to draw it and the right guy to direct it. The need somebody that can to that fancy like bullet time in real time type drawings. Like that one anime, I forgot the name, pricness something, I forgot, or like naruto.

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