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FBAxxx 08.01.2005 build


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update (02/08)



- fixed kof2k3 freezing when returning to ingamemenu

- normally fixed bug with 128Mb xbox


FBAXXX (01/08) update



- optimized VMM.. again (don t know how to do more :) )

- corrected a bug in VMM

- changed some things to sound code, don t know if it will change something

- added options to disable autofire and pause shortcut

- moved some options to emulator menu, there was too many things on the menu

- added show debug option

- possibility to activate or not VMM optimizition, activated by default

- removed kof2003.zip, kof2k3ba.zip, kof2k4ex.zip and kof2003b.zip support, they were using 96Mb of graphics memory which would remove Vmm optimization and is not normal (bad dump?), you can use kof2k3.zip (it loads faster and take less memory usage)

- removed kof10th - alternate version, it isn t necessary anymore because manto fixed his code

- added running from hd/dvd detection, thanks to FreakDave

- fixed inverted black/white button in control configuration


added some code by Sauron-Jin (thanks :P ) :


- Support for uni-bios 2.1 in the neogeo section, dont forget to update neogeo.zip

- ALL Capcom CPS2 drivers updated to match Razoola's and latest logiqx dat files. In total 15 new clones added, 3 of them actually working because xor's were released. i have not aded new games like Choko or Hyper SF2 Anniversary because i have no idea if they will run in the actual emu once xor's are released

- Fixed sfa romset dat, it was using different roms called the same so programs like clrmamepro or romcenter were killing parent relationship on one clone.


Note that VMM is well optimized, actually, it runs great even without optimization, optimization cause some gfx bugs, so if you want, disable it, it is the choose between gfx bugs or some sound skips :D


From the readme/nfo about the future of FBAxxx:

I hope you had all loved what we done since few years to make NG, CPS2/1 and more a perfect entertainment on your xbox. Our goal was to listen everythings that you liked /disliked and perform fbaxxx (and other project). Actualy, Fbaxxx is near the 100% perfect running and i don't know we can do more. Today i ask to everybody that spent many time running great emu we done to help us. We created a paypal account. By making a donation, you can help us, and we really need it, really... Simply go to the http://cestvouslesbons.free.fr/fbaxxx and click on the paypal button. Some ppl don't have money, we know that. but if you can give just 1$ or more, that could be so helpful for us.


The next step is to make fbaxxx running on the new Sony PSP hardware, but time and life is not eternal, as everyboy know.

That's why we ask you this help. Without anything, fbaxxx on psp or other features on the actual xbox version will be not more possible.

i really hope that every fbaxxx fan (and other) understand why we ask.


See you soon on the board if u got any questions.


Artik and GogoAckman



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And finally i must say music "skips" in games has been reduced to the max with the new VMM optimizations, great work by gogoackman :(


but if you have a 128 MB xbox don't use this version, all "big" romsets won't load... some nasty bug, but surely will be corrected soon.


PS: i noted you copied the changelog from xbox-scene... and... Why did xbox-scene removed my name from the changelog?... crappy b**tards :rofl:

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i too hope for a new  pro version, lets hope + T + can find time and interest in to doing it :punk:


Sauron-Jin i added the rest to the quote :wink:


Yeah, my hopes goes for this too, in + T + we trust :( this new VMM is really interesting.


Thanks for that prican25, nice detail :rofl:


PS: + T +, you've got a pm (4 days old) about some updates i can do.

Edited by Sauron-Jin
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Effectively, that s not faire from xbox-scene to remove your name <_<.

As for fbapro, if +T+ want the codefix from 02/08 (I didn t update sources) :

in vmm.cpp, in pageandframetables :

there is a (uint8 i=0;i<nombreframes;i++) , for 128Mb users, nombreframes = 256 so with 8 bits i can t make it to 256, you must simply change it to uint16.

for kof2k3, just remove parents (but I am pretty sure you ll keep kof2003.zip so there will not be any freeze), just if you want to make it work with vmm, use npcm2fix in the init and the load inispritepaging with a pagesize of 384*1024 instead of 256*1024

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