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kof 10th unique

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Another hack, well a hack of a hack.


I just got the roms and an emulator and it runs well enough.


The title is exactly like kof 10th but with a big flashing UNIQUE on it.


I can't tell you much more because I rarely play these fighting games.

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This bootleg 's ennoyed, everyone dislikes crappy bootlegs. Much other versions of kof10th 'll be dumped :


KoF10th Magic Plus ;


KoF10th Extra Plus.



kof10thu (decrypted P & S) works with crappy older emus NRX & Nebula.

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Well this game is prefctly emulated in MAME and FBA... FBA only in a something special version XD (You know check my profile XD)

See ya!!!!!! :unsure:

P.D. Is no too good at all, you have unlimited stocks even when in max mode... :P

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