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Identify your dream woman!


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and how old are you then ? im still 17 :D waiting for my bday oh and i want a birthday present

you don't have to lie here. I bet your more like 11 or 12. my ten year old son has a better grasp of the written english language then you.

@drake i know your 15 ,


lol... its hard to know someone by posting on the forum , i always seem like this on forum's and also your son must be very smart :) im happy for you

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I have come to the conclusion that my dream girl is actually one of friends who tends to cock tease me all the time.

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I might as well describe her since it'll take forever to get a pic.


Short, dark hair.

Pale skin.

Greenish eyes that are shaped cat like.

Has a tattoo near her bellybutton but I still can't figure what the hell it is.

Has piercings. Ears, tongue and nipples as far as I know.

Maybe 5'9" or 5'10".

Body shaped like gods crafted it.

She's a Pagan.

Born in the same year as me.

American. From Missouri.


Basically perfect...for me at least.




That's all I can think of.

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