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Favorite Fighting games?

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Top Posters In This Topic

1. Tekken 5 / Tag

2. Soul Calibur II

3. Guilty Gear XX #Reload

4. Samurai Shodown 4/ KOF98` or 01`

5. SF III 3rd strike / ex2 plus

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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Virtual Fighter 4: Evo/FT

King of Fighters Neowave

The Rumble Fish 2

Guilty Gear XX #Reload




Yeah I said it, Neowave. Suck it.

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Rumble Fish 2 you say? Must be good then.

Compared to the first one, I find the 2nd one pretty good. Like how GGX+ is to GGXX#reload. You know it's a sequal to the game but with an updated system, and in this case, slightly less tight controls.

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