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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hello everyone, I'm Basara from Australia. I stumbled onto this place while searching for a game, and I think it is a great forum! I really love fighting games, both tournoment style and scrolling beat-em-ups, and I also really love SNK/Neogeo/Playmore games. It was this site that helped me find Samurai Spirits 0, so thankyou!!! But I am having abit of trouble with the rom, so if you can think you can help please, please head on over to the Samurai Showdown 5 sticky thread.


Thanks again.

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Hello all, I'm GryphonKlaw and I hail from New Orleans. I've been romming and such for about 5 years from NES to NeoGeo. I took a break from downloading roms when all the roms sites seemed to disappear(about 2 years ago). I stumbled across this site and I absolutely love it. I was reluctant to start looking for roms again, because they were so tough to find, till I came here and everything is great now. The people here know their roms and are very helpful.


Ok. Enough introduction and time to download Samurai Showdown 5. :(


See you around the forums

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hey i just wanna say this place is full of awesome helpful people that all seem very cool. everyone and everything on this site is really rad and the people are really nice too, thats why i registered.


anyway im originally from california but now just recently moved to new jersey. fighting games are neato...yeah :D


play samurai showdown 5 :(

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Greetings Programs


I'm MaxBebop, and I hail from Los Angeles, California......

I'm a 22 year old student and Im a gamer like everyone here, I love all types of games (except sport games).but I especialy love Neo Geo games, fighting games and import games, currently I'm enjoying SVC for PS2 and just finished Biohazard Outbreak for PS2......... :D

Besides playing games, I like to spend time working on my music, going out to the movies, kicking back with my friends and knock back a few cold ones............


Alright then, thats enough about me, I'll see you all around here at the boards..........Hasta :(

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^woohoo another Tron fan!


Hiya everyone.


despite my cheesy name I am a pretty tough opponent when it comes to fighting games...been playing em since Karate Champ and Yie Air Kung Fu. I play all types of games console and computer, with my fav developers being Konami, Treasure, Sega and Nintendo.


Good to see some friendly people here with some good emu information. Ive messed around with all sorts of emu stuff so I have an idea on whats going on, but theres still a lot I dont know about so Im sure you'll see me asking some questions from time to time.


Id like to see Playmore using old sprites less in the new year, along with some sequels that we need to see like Last Blade 3, MOTW2, and a new Nam game (well I can dream cant I)


Oh and I am a journalism student in san francisco trying to get a job writing content for a gaming magazine/website.. WISH ME LUCK!


My fav Neo games are:


Samurai Shodown 2

King of Fighters 97

Nam 1975

Fatal Fury Special

Garou: Mark of the Wolves



take it easy everyone!

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Might as well introduce myself.

might run into familar faces if i do.

and although i've read the rules i have a tendency to misunderstand them occasionally so if i'm breaking a rule here it's not out of disrespect.


I'm Elazul Yagami, a 19 year old from Cairo, Egypt.


been in the emu scene for quite some time (even though i just started appearing a few years ago)

was the manager of zophar.net for a while, and have/had(i gave it to my friends and quit it.) my own network (the ep-network).


not much else to say.

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Well, erm..


I'm utok and i am from the philippines. i don't really know how many emulator gamers are here in my place and probably very little since more people flock arcades these times. i am not new to emulation but i just thought of entering this site to do something in my spare time. i do not get to play much since i am very busy in school but i am the only one in my class who plays emulted games for that matter since most of the people here are "decent" people. i usually write ridiculously short posts since i don't have too much grey matter in my brain.

anyway, it's nice to know you all

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HI ALL!I am BlaZer from singapore.I come to this forum to learn how to use the nebula emulator.Not only do i know how to use nebula,i learn what to do with the romdata and such that i had have read here.As GameCop have also said,SVC got me into this forum more and more til i find it out.Nice thing about this forum:help and reply are fast unlike other forum.Keep up the good work guy :D

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HI everyone. My name's Leandro, I'm from Argentina and a've been looking for a forum like this for a long time, So this was quite a finding :D

I stoped using emulators since a cousin of mine gave me a PS2. But there is nothing like a good old fashioned NEO GEO Emulator

I'm a HUGE FAN of SNK games. Hope we can get to be good friends :):D

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