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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Thank you, but CEO is just a title. Don't think any differently of me. And I look forward to working my way up. I'll see you at the top.


I look forward to it, thank you veristic.

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Greetings and Salutations,


Nice to meet you all, I go by Phased pretty much everywhere, so I was quite pleased when I found this community with the name available. I like to think of myself as an oldschool gamer, I've even got a tv set up with my Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and PSX in the back.


I've got quite a busy schedule, but I feel like I might be able to learn a lot while I'm here.


I am a General Manager at a technology company and am the CEO of an Extracts & Flavor manufacturing company (we make Vapes!) I live in California where it seems like no matter how much you make you can never completely survive.


Well thats enough about me. I'll update my profile as time permits.


Welcome to the family! :) Oh, very cool. I've definitely noticed a surge in vapes. Curious, how is that going for you (business wise)? I've heard of Halo Cigs, Vape4Life, Phantom Smoke, White Cloud, etc. There are definitely a lot. Do you sell them with nicotine as well? I personally don't use them, but I know many that do.

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I've just started my vape business, but so far its not bad. It really depends on what you have to offer over the next guy. The market is really flooded with artificial flavoring and terrible chemicals. People are turning vapors into a bad thing and ruining it for everyone else. Some recent reports stated that lead, arsenic and some other trace fatal chemicals were found in some vapes. Theres another company called Cuttwoods that uses Titanium Dioxide (which is edible and adds a creamy taste to the flavors) but which has been found to be highly toxic if vaporized. So in essence the localities and state governments have been cracking down on these companies and passing laws that are ridiculous. Luckily I was smart and registered my company as an Extracts and Flavoring company. I do not use any nicotine in my products, and beyond that my products are made through an organic method (sounds ridiculous I know) but the flavors are not organic, they just are not the artificial flavors used by everyone else. I don't smoke either actually, but I like the flavors. Its like eating the candy without gaining the weight. Fulfills the desire. And my products are the healthiest out there, theres no side effects of vaping. Its technically water vapor that comes out so its like smoking flavored water.


My company is maybe 1 of 5 that makes its own flavoring instead of using the expensive artificial flavors. And I'm probably the only company that does not use Nicotine in any of its products.


Red Licorice

Black Licorice

Cherry Bomb

Banana (real banana not that laffy taffy artificial stuff.)

Banana Strawberry

Cad Burgandy (spelt that way on purpose)

Mint Chocolate

Blueberry Cheesecake

Hazelnut Burst

Watermelon sours

Gummy Bear

Chocolate Gummy Bear

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Uh, Hi guys, I'm new here. Champion of the Internets by day, stiff sexy corpse by night.


Hey hey! The sexy beast is back baby!! How you been Mr. Agozer?

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Hello from Detroit :-)


My name is Tom & I like to play classic arcade games and work on emulators. I'm a contributing dev. for VICE, BlueMSX and FinalBurn Alpha. I found this place by accident, see, the FB Alpha forum (http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/) is down for the past 2 days, so I changed the "neosource" to "www" and.. here I am :-)

I was a bigtime arcade-junky around 1987 to the early 90's, so I mostly dig games in the 87-93ish area, but lately I've been getting into more recent stuff, such as the Cave shootemups like Ketsui, Guwange, DoDonpachi and stuff.

Thats all I can think of for now, so take it EZ.


best regards,

- dink

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Welcome to 1Emu. This place is pretty fun and we look forward to having you here. There are plenty of emulators to play around with and knowledgeable admins to ask questions to.


We have the most up to date record for most of the emulators out there. Some of the emulators are a bit outdated as its hard for one person to do all of the work (thank you Robert), but for the most part everyone here is really nice.


Have fun and welcome aboard. (also you should check out the forum's attack system).

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