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RuMSX 0.31 Released

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RuMSX is a MSX computer emulator for Windows.


  • Added SCSI-Support for the WD33C93A controller, which enables use of HSH and NOVAXIS ROMs with harddisk-images (with NOVAXIS CD-ROM ISO-images can be accessed too)
  • Support for multiple Disk-ROMs added (now up to 8 floppy-drives can be used, in theory)
  • Screen 8 colors have been fixed, display is now much brighter (4 grey tones are available too)
  • SaveState files with more than 1 ROM-cartridge have been improperly saved and loaded.
  • Temporarily fixed potential crashes in highres-modes when the Adjust-register uses excessive values. The adjust-register Y value is ignored for now. (as result the NOVAXIS NFDISK-utility does no longer crash if running in high-resolution mode)
  • HtmlHelp updated (V0.30 did unfortunately not contain the described help update). Added SCREEN 9 information.
  • Added extensions to the MSX-Configuration dialog (changed TR-DefaultConfig, implemented missing features,...)
  • Added read-only support for the personal folder "My MSXMSX computersRuMSX configurations" (reads *.CFG and explicitly defined ROMs from here) IMPORTANT: the "My MSX" folder must be enabled for this!
  • MSXDOS1 boot-sector has been slightly modified (removed random bytes to get compact code+data)
  • Updated MSX-locale and initial VDP-frequency of the CBIOS configurations according to the design-specifications.
  • Made a few improvements in ROM-type detection
  • Language selection now allows to include value-formatting too
  • Added option to decrease CPU-load while running at same speed. Added "inactive mode" option in case RuMSX is running in background.
  • Added experimental emulation of Epson printers, "Print-X-press" is at least partially working now.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Generic 8KB ROM mapper", which prevented Parodius from being played until the end (copyprotection caused random stop at the last end-monster)
  • ROMSCCPLUS.TXT added. This file describes the "SCC+ dummy" ROM-image format and handling.
  • Some more minor updates...

» RuMSX homepage.

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