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Chankast Utilities: News!


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Today I was able to talk to Kryso, the programmer of Chankast Utilities. He has told me that he is looking for an additional programmar that can use Delphi for GUI writing. If your interested in helping us out, please PM me or Email me. We know that there has been some recent news of the official Chankast from March, but at the same time we have noticed the continuous surge of downloads everyday for Chankast Utilities.


So why not give people what they want? :)


If you are interested in any additional features for Chankast Utilities, please reply here. We are currently looking to release an official release of our own without bugs of Chankast Utilities 0.25 with some new features.


Lastly, we have also noticed the amount of people looking for Chankast Utilities v0.25 BETA. We have finally uploaded both the last official release for 0.2a and also the beta in our downloads section. You can download them from the links below.


»» http://chankast.1emulation.com [Chankast Utilities]

»» http://www.chanka.org [Official Chankast]


»» Download Chankast Utilities 0.25 BETA [1Emulation Server]

»» Download Chankast Utilities 0.2a [1Emulation Server]

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Good to hear its still in development!

I hope to see force feedback fully implemented in the next release. I am sure Kryso is working hard on that. One cool feature would be if you used a real dreamcast controller via a usb adapter, then maybe Chankast Utilities could make the VMU show the picture from the emu. Not sure at all if that's possible, but it would be very interesting to see!

Also, a lot of people would love an integrated sprite ripper feature, but that would probably be a lot of work to add (personally I do just fine with the screenshot feature).

Also, I think it would be interesting to see a version of Chankast Utilities for pcsx2. Specifically the speedpig feature. I still don't really get exactly how it works, but if its just doing something with the pc's clock, then it should work on all emulators, right?

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