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Nintendo Revolution Launches with 200+ Downloads!


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I wonder if those 64DD games will be available to U.S gamers. And I like the fact that it has backwards compatability all the way back to the old nintendo (except gamecube) if that's what's implied, and by way of download too.


And for games not made by nintendo, who knows...maybe we'll see em when Ted Turner launches his roms service :(

Actually, it's backward compatible with the gamecube also, you just have to have the actual disk. :huh:


And Nintendo will probably present their download service as an alternate method for third party developers to re-publish older games. There's a market for older titles, as evidenced by a number of GBA re-releases and the popularity of those "classics" collections. This is obviously speculation, but it would be relatively low risk for all involved, I would think.

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I think getting free downloads with purchases of games would be an excellent marketing strategy. Its not like people wouldn't buy the games anyway, and if they do something like "buy 2 new games and get 5 free downloads" then it could be quite a help to sales.

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