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PlayStation 3 Officially Announced for 2006


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funnyest E3 related thing I've seen so far


some of the stuff in the PA newspost made me chuckle too

I don't believe there is any such thing as a "Playstation 3" yet, and I don't believe in the Killzone video. What I do believe is that Sony harnessed the media and then rode it from place to place, one hand on the bridle while the other waved madly in the air.
I'm not "putting my weight" behind the 360, I'm saying that at this particular show, it's the only system that I consider to have been truly "launched." Nintendo's system has been introduced, in the vaguest sense, but without seeing what they intend to accomplish with their controllers we don't actually know why it would hail a Revolution. Sony showed some movie trailers in HD, said that their console could create "artificial life" and expected us to swear fealty to their system's now dynastic lineage. They even showed the intro from Final Fantasy VII in "Real Time(!!!!)," but I can't possibly be the only person who remembers they trotted out a "Real Time" dance scene from VIII when they launched the PS2 - can I? You ever see crap like that on your Playstation 2?
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What PA had to say about the next-gen consoles is pretty much true - none of them has really been "launched" yet. Even the Xbox360 had a sparse actual-game-footage showing on the floor. The way they hid two sides of the machine in the cabinet, and the large fans they tried to hide that cooled the machine, lead me to believe that they probably weren't using release-spec models either.


Sony is saying MS doesn't have the technology, when what matters is the games. MS is saying Sony is withholding information, when Sony's later launch means it can safely keep its tricks up its sleeves for a while yet.


The rabid fanboys already have their claws out, but NONE of the systems have shown anything worth supporting at this point.

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I still have the feeoling that Xbox will gain some advantage if they are released earlier than PS3.

But then, the games didn't interest me much (except 99 Nights :lol:)

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