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PlayStation 3 Officially Announced for 2006


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I cn bet that the 360 will ultimately get "suffer" the same fate and it's predecessor did: Turn into an emulation station, and the actual games only appeal to the Halo fanboys.

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nah most systems will be pretty hard to mod this round and even if they do get modded then the ps3 would get most of the attention. Why? the same reason the xbox got mod attention this round. Its power. The only reason the ps2 didnt get mod crazy cause there wasnt enough u could really do with it. Not fast enough for good emulation or a good media center. So if ps3 gets modded ofcourse everyone is gona run to it since... they hyped its cell power.

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Woohoo! The console bitchslapping contest starring Sony and Microsoft!


Here is an article where Sony disses Xbox 360, or XBOX 1.5 as they like to call it. http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/n...ameexpo_sony_dc

"We want to pack everything in today and future-proof this as much as possible," said Kazuo Hirai, the head of Sony's U.S. game unit, in an interview.


"It's a box made of future technology as opposed to Xbox 1.5, which seems to be a combination of things available today," added Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.


And here is Microsoft's comeback. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20050518/tc_nm/...po_microsoft_dc

Bach said software update services, which can keep console system hardware up-to-date, allow for longer life cycles and Microsoft had already demonstrated such capabilities for its current-generation Xbox console.


"We've built in a lot of headroom," Bach said.


Bach also noted Sony's lack of talk over an online strategy for the PlayStation 3.


Microsoft said it will have more than 2 million users for its Xbox Live online service by the end of June. The software giant is introducing a free Xbox Live service with Xbox 360 that it says will put more than half of that console's gamers online.

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Just so you know the CELL processor was built with broadband connection in mind so it will sport some hefty online capabilities.

There we go. :) In any case, I don't see online capabilities as "bad", they just don't offer me anything.

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yes the processor may be ment for it.. but will ps2 have the layout and features that make xbox live so great.


Ign on Kill zone 2 video



And the damn controversy continues. Notice how no one ever comes out and says, "Dude, that's me playing." You know, we don't even get a simple, "The footage was generated using the in-game engine and a lot of cool scripting." We always just have to settle with, "Hey, look at out Killzone! It's what we intend Killzone to be." What does that even mean anyway?


So now we come to it... What do IGN editors think. Is the Killzone video real? Will the game look like that?


Jeremy Dunham - IGNPS2

"I don't think so. I think the only way the game will look like that is if they spent several more years in development and knew how to exploit the PlayStation 3 to its fullest. I have no doubt that they can produce cutscenes that good, but then again, the cutscene gave that away!"


Ed Lewis - IGNPS2

"We're probably going to see similar type graphics...hopefully. Because that's what they're aiming for, but...oh man. Hopefully. I mean, right now it's just a concept video. What will it be? I don't know. It's way too early to tell."


Ivan Sulic - IGNPS2

"Hell no."


Juan Castro - IGNCube

"Yes. It will. On PS4... 2009. Or maybe 2015."


David Clayman - IGNXbox

"No. No. No. If that's the style of the game, it will look like that, but not at that level of quality. That had separate animations for every single movement. That is not a game. It was total CG. Those little things giveaway stuff like that real well."


Doug Perry - IGNXbox

"It doesn't look real to me, but it's what I want the game to look like and I hope. But I don't think the developer is capable of that, especially based on the first game."


Stephen Butts - IGNPC

"No. The video is real in the sense that it exists in this time continuum, but no, it does not reflect what the game will look like."


Dan Adams - IGNPC


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Technically speaking, more people play online on the PS2 than on XBOX Live! But it doesn't really matter since I admit that Live! is a great feature for online gaming. Just don't expect Sony to not make anything equally as good since they know they got whipped last round in the "cool and hip" category that Microsoft has down. :):)


Oh yeah, and that Killzone 2 video was definitely not real time. I don't think there is anyone who actually believes it is real-time now. If there are then...I'll let them play in their happy dreamworld.

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