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King of Fighters XI


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Offical website





Move List scan(incomplete)



->Beta impressions by;


Someone forwarded to Beezlebubble


Beezlebubble #1

Bzz part 2


Hanging out at the n-g.com and s-c.com forums are a good way to grab info.


Characters blacked out are Not in the loke test yet! This is also the final roster without the AWnet characters as seen in Neowave



Tons and tons of King Of Fighters XI information from beta tests. Taken from reports of Beelzebubble, Professor, Beto and HanafudaX.



      Here are the teams at the moment:


    * Ash Crimson, Oswald, Shen Woo

    * K', Kula Diamond, Maxima

    * Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan, Duck King

    * B.Jenet, Gato, Tizoc "The Griffon Mask"

    * Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Shingo Yabuki

    * Vanessa, Blue Mary, Ramon

    * Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Whip

    * Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki, King

    * Malin, Kasumi Todoh, Eiji Kisaragi

    * Elizabeth, Duo Lon, Benimaru Nikaido

    * Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Momoko

    * Adelheid





      A - Weak Punch    *      C - Strong Punch


      B - Weak Kick    *      D - Strong Kick    *    E - Thrust (C+D) attack


      Start - Taunt


      Evasion - A+B


      A+C / B+D - Partner Change


    * 40+ characters expected.

    * Tags are like KOF2003.

    * Most of the sprites are slightly better looking than KOF2003.

    * Maxima, Ramon, Benimaru, Kensou, Momoko, Duck King, Eiji, B.Jenet and Iori are unplayable at the moment. They are grayed out on the character select screen.

    * Robert, Daimon, Chizuru, Yamazaki, Billy, Jhun, Hinako, Choi, Chang, Leona, Mai and Joe are not in the game so far.

    * Boss/Sub-boss is Adelheid.

    * The final boss was also seen once. She is a female with long hair (pigtail). She is very well animated with tons of hands animation.

    * Same engine as NBC, not like KOF98, KOF2k2 or KOF2k3.

    * Tactical Leader System from KOF2003 is also in.

    * Modern and Hyper interface, bars and loading screen. Very polished.


      New backgrounds are very animated and beautiful, unlike Neowave and NBC.


      New backgrounds:


      Aqueduct: takes place on tiled roof tops in a European town. A large aqueduct can be seen in the background. Not much animation, but looked good.


      Beach: Some kind of military site on the coast. On the left side you can see some soldiers and jeeps, while over to the right is the beach. Looked nice.


      Temple: Similar to the temple stage from NGBC. The fight takes place on tatami with elaborately decorated panels in the background. A bunch of animated characters wipe the temple floor over on the right hand side.


      Alley: a good old fashioned back street alley with some shops. Not really different from KOF99. Not much going on.


      Ruins: Some kind of ancient temple ruin.


      Ice Festival: A 3D Ice castle. Action takes place on ice surrounded by ice sculptures with an alpine mountain range in the background.


    * Lots of transparencies in special moves. Great looking unlike KOF Neowave.

    * Animations and movements are very smooth.

    * Timer is 100 second a battle.

    * E button does C+D attack for each character.

    * Loading screen takes about 8 to 10 seconds.

    * Moves motion is changed for some characters.

    * Alot of new systems in the game.

    * New judgment system for time-outs. The usual timer on the top of the screen keeps tilting towards (what the game judges as) the player that's fighting more skillfully during the match. If the match ends with a time over, the person that the timer is tilted towards will win. It's not decision by remaining life any more.

    * Skill Meter System. its on top of the usual power meter, there's an additional new bar called the "skill meter". It's used to pull off a number of systems. The skill meter builds up on its own as time passes by. you can stock up to 2 skill meters. The match starts out with the skill meter full.


    * A+C / B+D during an attack does Quick Shift (Changes to partner, requires 1 Skill stock)

    * A+C / B+D while getting attacked - Saving Shift (Changes to partner, requires 2 Skill stocks)

    * Guard Cancel Evacuation - A+B during guard (requires 1 skill stock)

    * Guard Cancel Thrust - E during guard (requires 1 Power stock)

    * Leader Super - Requires 2 Power Stock

    * Super Cancel (cancel special attack into super attack) - Requires 1 Skill + 1 Power Stock

    * Dream Cancel (cancel from super attack into leader attack) - Requires 1 Skill + 2 Power Stock


    * Oswald is a tall old man that wears shades, a dark suit, red shirt and yellow tie.

    * He is very well-animated and has lots of SNK feel to him.

    * He's supposed to be a gambler judging from the way that he fights by using playing cards as most of his moves are with cards.

    * He appears to be a very strong characters. Lots of people are using him at beta tests.

    * His super sees him dash forward and push the opponent to the far wall like a move of Rugal. Then, he steps back, three cards appear in each hand, the screen goes dark and he does a hail of slashes with the cards. Once finished he does a nice little finishing taunt animation.

    * Elizabeth fights using a horsewhip as a weapon, but she keeps it in a sheath by her side when not in use. Kind of a cross between a horse whip and a sword.

    * Some of her special moves seem to use ice, or some kind of white energy.

    * One of her supers involves firing a barrage of this at the opponent, which seems to hit long range and do a fair bit of damage

    * B.Jenet is her Garou self.

    * Kula is same as her previous KOF appearence in 2k2/Neowave.

    * Athena Asamiya has new sailor (schoolgirl) outfit.

    * Some strange colors: Ryo Sakazaki has pink hair and pink gi.

    * Ryo Sakazaki has a new fast elbow dash, like Andy.

    * Sho Hayate is no where in the game.


The King Of Fighters XI beta test report continous


    * The final boss fights with, a chain with a stone attached to it at the end.

    * She uses it like Axl from Guilty Gear series.

    * Her dress is a cross between Chizuru Kagura and Duo Lon. The movement is also like Kagura.

    * Elizabeth has a pretty face, but the sprite looks unpolished.

    * Oswald is tall like Heidern.

    * He does good damage and has a counter attack move.


      All backgrounds show time at the start of the battle:



      Aqueduct: 1501 hours


      Beach: 1300 hours


      Temple: 1005 hours


      Alley: 0024 hours


      Ruins: 1109 hours


      Ice Festival: 1405 hours


      White Town: 1303 hours


      Final Hall: 1924 hours


    * Yuri Sakazaki can do her rush DM in air.

    * Athena Asamiya can now teleport in air.

    * She also have a new DM or LDM.

    * Guard Cancel Thurst produces energy effect.

    * When K.O, animation freezes while text appears. Looks nice.

    * Kyo Kusanagi can throw his fireball again.

    * Kula Diamond has a new air fireball with huge snow flake.

    * K' have a new kick attack.

    * Victory screens show winning team with two fighters at the back and winner at the front.

    * In-game arts are similar to KOF2003.

    * Cut-scenes are also similar to older KOFs.

    * Poster artwork is done by Hiroaki (KOF94:RB), while movelist arts by Nona (KOF01-02).

    * Before each battle, background picture is shown with time of the day.

    * DM/LDM flashes are better than KOF2003.

    * All LDMs are done with E button.


    *  All the usual types of jumps are in: Small, Hop, Normal and Hyper.

    * Similar to KOF2003, you can store 3 power stocks with 3 characters, 4 stocks with 2 characters and 5 with one surviving character.

    * The 1P game goes like this: 3 CPU teams - middle boss (Adelheid) - 2 CPU teams - final boss.

    * Oswald moves: Q (Queen): Dp+P/K (throws cards. P throws upwards, while K throws downwards)

    * Diamond: QCF+P (A button has smaller range than C. This move has a followup, QCF+P)

    * Spade: QCB+P

    * Spade.Heart.Diamond.Club DM: QCF HCB+P

    * Joker: F B F+E (LDM)

    * A move not present in the movelist: (Name not known): QCB K (Jumps slightly before attacking)

    * His second DM (also not in movelist): HCBx2+P (Oswald does an attack/slash with crescent moon effect. After the slash playing cards appear and disperse from the slash. Very cool looking)

    * Elizabeth's moves: QCF+P is a small range whip attack.

    * QCFx2+E LDM resembles Ash's QCFx2+P DM, but with white ball instead of green.

    * Ryo has a new elbow dash: HCF+K.

    * The move can be comboed: close C, f+A, HCF+K for nice damage.

    * Kula has new air fireball: air QCF+P (A snowflake that comes down 45 degrees. Very similar to K's air QCF+K from KOF2003)

    * Athena's outfit resembles her KOF99 Evolution (Playstation) striker costume.

    * Final boss' fighting style is Chinese Boxing.


More info of Beta tests, taken from Beelzebubble report and mozkof2004:


    * The into of the the game roughly goes like this: First logo of Sega appears, then ADX, the logos start cycling from KOF94 to KOF2003. Then pictures of Ash and K' appear followed by pictures of Kyo and Iori. Then hand of Elizabeth shows, then Terry and Ryo pictures appear. Eiji and Duck King pictures show up. A flame pops up afterwards which divides into four flames, then pictures of hands appear with each flame followed by faces of Ash, Kyo, Iori and K' behind each flame. Cool looking like pieces of jigsaw puzzle. The title shows up and a woman announcer shouts "The King Of Fighters XI."

    * The backgrounds and everything going on in them, look quite natural and well-animated with long animated sequences for onlookers, rather than just an arm going up and down in older KOFs.

    * The background of final boss is destroyed like the background of Goenitz in KOF96.

    * More backgrounds details:     


            White Town: The stage is a sunny day with a blue sky seen above the white walled buildings. To the left and to the right is a building and then further back and in the middle of the background is a church with a big round window at the top of it. There are cars whizzing by in front of the church and a young blonde girl to the right, a man with a round belly to the left wiping his face.


            Aqueduct: Also set on a sunny day with a blue sky and some clouds lazily floating from the right to the left. The sky takes up more of the screen than White Town background. Beneath the blue sky is a castle with spires and high walls. The castle is to the left and beneath it from one side of the screen to the other is the aqueduct. It takes up 1/3 or more of the screen and looks like a small arch bridge about 30 metres high. The characters fight on top of the roof of a building which is made up of red tiles. A cat walks around.


            Beach: Looks like its set in a place like Hawaii with a military compound on the edge of a beach. The left hand side has a shed with an army truck in it and a stripped jeep with its engine running in the foreground in front of another jeep. To the right is a tent over a communications set up with a guy sitting on a stool listening to the radio. Middle of the screen the compound fences are open and there is a beach with people on towels and sitting under umbrellas. Again blue skies and a nice blue ocean and palm trees on the beach.


            Aztec: Giant tree roots wrapped around a giant stone head to the right of the screen. Parrots flying around and monkeys watching in the foreground just behind the fighters. A monkey walking around in the background. A ruined temple complex in the back have gone with vines growing over it.

    * The round lasts 99 second with each second being 1.5 second in real time.

    * There is no Roulette for random character selection. E or Start button do not work either.

    * Hit sounds are more solid than SvC or NBC.

    * The damage of supers is low. About 1/6th of health bar.

    * Throw breaks have little sparkled effect.

    * Sprites are bigger than previous KOF.

    * There are no character names on the fight screen, instead portraits appear at the end of health bars.

    * Colors are softer as compared to bright colors of KOF2003.

    * Ash's fireballs appear slower.

    * Yuri's LDM is now her kick rush DM/HSDM from KOF2002. As mentioned earlier, it can connect in air too. motion is QCF HCB+E.

    * Malin electrical sticks comes out slower than KOF2003.

    * Her YoYo fireballs also stay shorter than KOF2003.

    * Her any direction+A+C move also covers less space now.

    * Athena Asamiya has a new super where she turns into a Pheonix and attacks.

    * Her HCBx2+P DM can be cancelled by pressing ABCD. But it can still hit after you cancel as the balls disappear a little late than previous KOFs.

    * Oswald has Riddick style glasses.

    * His Joker LDM does 50 or 53 hits (beelzebubble says 50, mozkof2004 says 53).

    * His basic combos are: down Bx3, QCF+P, QCF+P and down Bx3, Joker LDM.

    * Elizabeth's QCF+P does multiple hits.

    * Her DP+P makes her dash and uppercut. Her recovery is quick and followup might be possible.

    * Her DMs are QCF HCB+P and unblockable grab DM HCBx2+P.

    * Kula Diamond's Freeze Execution is now LDM. If Diana misses, she no longer does followup Freeze move.

    * K's heat drive comes out faster.

    * His flame color changes if you select his different costume color.

    * Kyo Kusanagi's QCF+P is cancellable from df+D like KOF Neowave.

    * His LDM is changed. The motion is now HCBx2+E. Does 10 hits.

    * Elizabeth dresses in a horse rider costume and holds a horse whip as weapon (one and a half feet long and flexible at the end).

    * Rose appears in both Adelheid's opening and victory poses. Victory pose is cool.

    * Rose makes face when Adelheid gets hit.


More new from Orochinagi:


About the time up and judge system:

Like we already know it's not the life bar but your fighting style that make a winner, but How?

It seems that there is a bar under the timer and each time your makeing a combo, she grows. but with combo I mean combo like this:

cC -> 6A -> qcb K with K',

It's not the N° of hits but the different N° of moves in it, that will count.


Athena seesm to be ubber nicely animated, it seems that we can see her underwear...

His LDM Phoenix transformation is pretty



Ash as been towned down, his projectile has been delayed at the start up, and is slower.


Oswald and Elisabeth seems extremely powerfull, but SNK wish to take as much time for KOF 11 as NGBC, so they will be better balanced. Oswald can do a ->+B then LDM...


Impacts looks similar to Neowave, and 2003 high pushback isn't there anymore.


Duolon is downed down. His qcf P + hcb P + f+K, got a lag at the end so no more infinite. the only thing he can do after that is a super cancel on his spirit DM.


Shen Woo got a new move that looks similar to King's mirage kick. Is still the characters who deal the biggest damage in one blow.


K' have syill the same Seiyu, but it's seems that now it sound really close to Dante.

His flame color change with his 2P color.(Bleh!)


Kyo is yet overpowered: version 2002 without problems, with huge 2003 damage on his chains. his DF+D is cancelable at the 1st hit.


King is going down too. Her crounch C have less priority, so trap shot is a better anti-air now. jump CD isn't an overhead anymore.

Mirage dance as the same reach than a close C.

Venom strike goes out quickly, but move slowly and is just a 1/2 screen projectile.

Double strike as a start up as slow as Robert's fireball in 2003

Nobody seems to be able to pull out her LDM!


Voices are in a better quality, really nice!


Now voice can change depending Who fights Who. characters won't say the same things on different opponent


Exemple: Kyo VS Iori (their fight intro is 20 second long!)

With his QCF+P Iori said "Doushita!!"

VS Kyo Iori will say "Doushita Kyo!!"

with his QCF+P Kyo says "Body ga Amai ze!"

And VS Iori: "amai ze Yagami!"

More in the DMs.

With his Ya otomewhen Iori said " Asobi wa owari da! nake, sakebe, soshite SHINE!!",

he change it for a "OWARI DA, KYO!! JIGOKU NO HONOO DE MOETSUKIROU!!! SHI'NE!! " versus Kyo. (Die in the flame of hell Kyo, or something like that.)

Fro Kyo's Orochinagi he didn't says "Kurae.. YAGARE!" but "Kusanagi no shinken o misete yarou!" and when you release the button "SHINIYAGARE!!"

(Take the true technics of the kusanagis, die! or close to that...)


Yuri put some "Onee-chan" every where against Ryo. but nothing between Ryo and King.


Terry's LDM looks like a Huge Power geyser

but is still called Power stream.

Sources: beto, beezlebubble, RBjakespecial, Neo-Arcadia.com, The Professor, hanafudaX.


Yes, the Aoi mademoiselle DM is the one where she beats you up with a shoe.


Welp, thats it for now. Now we just need to wait for those phone camera captured pics.


Update: I changed how it looks like using the compiled information from KOFCyberfan and my setup to look more orginized.


Update: The Usual beta test updates.


Update: Character updates, voice updates and gameplay updates. News that Eiji, Duck King and Maxima might end up on the cutting room floor for Mai, Andy and someone else..

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What ticks me off is Hiroaki is the same dude who did the art for 2k, REbout and some of the ingame art of 2k2 and this is the best he can come up with.

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I'm semi-hijacking this thread.


The PS2 port SvC Chaos got totally trashed by our local video game press. way to go SNK Playmore.

It only looks pretty, everything else sucks.


Hmmm... The King of Rehash 11?

Pretty much, yes.

It's a rehash, in higher resolution! OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAH *KOOL AID MAN BUSTING THRU A WALL*

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