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[05/5/2005] Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

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Yup, i'm one of those masochists, playing on normal the first time and not easy...


Mission 5 is where you acquire Agni and Rudra. Short stage, hard boss, made harder by a bad camera in the boss room. First couple of times i couldn't kill either, so i saved enough orbs to buy 3 vital stars. Then i focused solely on the Wind guy, only to immediately get pwned when the other demon used both swords on me. After that it was just a few tries to earn the Air Hike (not at level 2 trickster yet) and to refine my dodging skills.


right now i'm stuck on the Leviathan's heart, my damn orbs keep getting stolen as i'm slowly encircled by around 15 scythe demons.


heheheh... i remember with DMC 1, i bought it at the same time as Tony Hawk 3 - got to Phantom in 10 mins, spent 2 hours trying to kill the biatch, put Tony 3 in and forgot about it for 1 month, i was so fed up. Glad i finished it though, especially on DMD mode after which you unlock Unlimited Devil Trigger. :(

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I'm only playing on Easy because I want to unlock all missions on all difficulty levels.


About Leviathan, concentrate on the organ that steals your Orbs. once it's down and out, concentrate on the main part, and then start dodging the lasers it shoots. (Griffon homage anyone?) Leave the Hells alone, unless they really become a problem.


You'll run into some new monsters in the next mission, which are also hard in groups.


Yeah, Agni & Rudra were hard, but I managed to finish the remaining twin quite easily. The best tactic would be to attack them equally, then finish of the first one and immediately after, the other. Agni & Rugra is by far the best Swordmaster weapon, although other Devil Arms are good too.


Stuff costs an arm and a leg (or two).

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