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A Fond Farewell


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After much thought I’ve decided to hand over the reigns of the project to Aaron on a permanent basis.


I feel that my job as co-ordinator is done, and that the project is now in better shape than when I started. I would mark the abolishment of the TESTDRIVER system, inclusion of more preliminary drivers, and the regular source updates as key factors in this, allowing for more open, active development than was previously possible.


While it can’t be denied that I’m not too optimistic over the way emulation is heading in general lately I hope that Aaron can continue to take the project forward, while sticking to the basic principals which have made MAME so successful and appealing to developers over the years.


I will continue to work on drivers as interest dictates, afterall, its hard to kick a habit, especially one you enjoy when you can take a relaxed approach to it.


This site will continue to be used to show any progress made on drivers, however no more official ‘u’ updates will be posted here, and the future system used will be at Aaron’s discretion.


I do wonder exactly how many source updates and releases I did put together, I lost track pretty early on.

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True, but I doubt we'll see as frequent of updates as when he was in charge, which can be considered both a good and bad thing. Still, it's a shock to see him step away from the project, he's been the "lead man" for some time.

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