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Jagged Alliance 3D!


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Woohoo!! Jagged Alliance 3D is being made! So awesome. Check out the link for screenshots and more info. http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=24670


If you're never played Jagged Alliance...then you suck. Plain and simple.


Each mission is a level, on which the team of player appears and executes the combat task. In the real-time mode the player can control team, which can be arranged of 6 fighters (max). Mission considers accomplished if all of the soldiers of the enemy are destroyed. For successful execution of the mission the player gets money. Team of the player gathers experience and grows over itself.


Between missions the player can hire/fire the mercenaries, can buy/sell the ammunition, choose the mission from available on given moment missions (all of non accomplished missions of episode are available simultaneously).

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