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[RUMORS]. Add "may, should, could be, not confirmed" everywhere.


The 5 new characters in the PS2 version of KOF Nowave are Kusanagai, Rugal, May lee, Angel and Seth.

Which means they are so ashamed of Tetsuo they don't want to see him anymore and that's a good thing. The characters are all copiped from 02, MAX2 included. The guy couldn't see Rugal, though, so we don't know how far he has been toned down.

New art for everyone of course.


The next compilation after KOF Nests hen may be Garô Densetsu 1, 2 and Special, before the end of the year (that's it ? Only those 3 games !? if it's true, you're killing me, Imoya).


Battle Colloseum may also be released before the end of the year on PS2 at least, maybe for christmas.


Around the end of the year, in arcade : KOF 11 (temptative title).


And I may add here as well the rumor of a beta test of SS AW before may, and that it would be made by Yuki.




rawr. iggy-san is god.

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Why can't we get any worthwhile kof news...

Because there really isn't such a thing anymore. Besides if they said "We're redrawing all the characters in high res with super awesome backgrounds!"

fighting game wise that also means they've fuucked around with the engine and flocked it up in the process
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SNK news just in!


Attention fans. We know you loved our old rehashes but next year during the Christmas holidays we will treat you with our best KOF game ever. Presenting The King of Fighters 20XX, the latest in the KOF series. This edition will offer the most features and enhancements ever known to the franchise offering over 80 characters from titles such as Last Blade, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, Karnov's Revenge, Breaker's Revenge and Sengoku. Also in addition to the line up will be a complete set of 15 new contestants added. Every character has been redrawn with a higher resolution and more fluid animation than any other fighter available. Environments have been implemented with more interaction and detail with a total of 30 differents stages to fight in. The game will also feature an online mode and exclusively on the PS2 an extra RPG mode where players will be able to choose their favourite fighter and relive his or her story going through a complete 3D world full of lush environments and character interaction. Stay tuned for more info.


Now that's....news.

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