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Next Xbox to be shown on MTV.

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Here is something I forgot to post: http://www.gamesarefun.com/news.php?newsid=4683


That's the alleged XBOX 2 controller. Read the article and see the reasoning why it is possible that that is really it. However, I'm sure that color is just prototype.

Doesn't look like much of an improvement. Same lame-ass d-pad. At least it's nicer than the B-Type controllers (think about it).

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So Bill thinks getting Clay Aiken to dry hump his system on the bandwagon channel is really gonna make me buy his shit. Pfft! I don't want to hear anymore crap about Bill Gates being a great business man.

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More XBOX 2 crap (I'm not calling it XBOX 360), and since I already posted in the other thread I don't want to double post. :P


In case you haven't seen, this is rumored to be a shot of Project Gotham Racing 2:



I hope that's supposed to be a comparison. If the one on the right is an actual in-game shot, I'll eat my hat. (I don't have a hat, so don't get your hopes up) The one on the left looks about as good as all the other shots that've come out so far, like the new Elder Scrolls game - they all look like pre-rendered CG from a few years ago, which is not bad at all.

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Graphics do matter to me because in most games it does affect gameplay. Especially games set in a fantasy world since it wouldn't be much of an adventure if you weren't immersed by the graphics. But gameplay needs to be there too or it isn't worth shizno.

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this is great!


that means Puff Daddy will be in the mix to say


"it's good to play together!"  :P


i think i'll be partying or on a shoot when this BS will be on MTV  :)

or maybe they'll put 50cent on the box when it's released


or probably Bill Gates dressed in Phat Farm and Ecko

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