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Next Xbox to be shown on MTV.

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Seems Microsoft is going to get a week head start on all the next gen consoles by showing the xbox a week before E3 on MTV.


EDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. will offer video game fans a first peek at the new version of its Xbox game console during a half-hour MTV broadcast, part of a marketing deal.


The software maker will preview the new game system in worldwide broadcasts on May 12 and May 13, on various MTV channels.


During the broadcast, Microsoft also plans to show off new enhancements planned for its Xbox Live online video game service.


The half-hour program comes days ahead of a major games conference, E3, during which Microsoft said it will provide industry insiders more details of the game system.


But Peter Moore, a corporate vice president in charge of Xbox marketing, said Microsoft felt it was important that fans got to see the system "at at least the same time — if not before — folks who work in the trades see it."


Moore refused to provide financial details of the agreement with MTV, a unit of New York-based Viacom Inc.


But he said MTV and Microsoft had been working on the marketing deal for about a year. For the program to appeal to its young audience, he added, it "can't feel like an infomercial or simply an ad buy."


The deal will extend far beyond just the half-hour program. In addition to MTV promoting Xbox, he said Xbox may promote MTV in game play and elsewhere.


Microsoft has not yet said when it plans to release the new Xbox.

Thanks goes to Yahoo

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I'm sure as soon as the show airs the captures will be all over the net so no need to corrupt ourselves with mtv.

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mtv will play the crap out of the spot for teh upcoming weeks so you can bet alot of the casual gamers will get thier first look at a new system from that. and the first console these casual gamers are going to see is an Xbox360/2/next/xenon/whateva I say it's a good play on MS's part.

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its is a good move from MS... I mean they will get attention of alot of casual gamers. Whats funny is this seems so sony like. Anyways dosnt really matter anyways. Just kinda cool to see the console a few days before E3. I mean i remeber hearing sony was gona show the ps3 hours before the xbox 2 then ms went flock that and moved it a few days ahead lol.


I dont even get mtv.. thank god for bittorrent <_<.

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It's a good marketing plan really. Kudos for them thinking of it. Now if the real gamers cared.

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the thing is the marketing doesn't have to focus on hardcore gamers. we already know all about the next gen systems and we've been following them for months. it's those casual gamers who don't read tech specs and buy magazines that are teh target of a campaign like this.

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