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Final Fantasy 7 for PC


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Ok, mine says Eidos Platinum Collection. 


You should buy the game, FF7 pc ports are becoming rare.  It also is a game that is truly hard to forget.


:D I could have bid on an auction for 7 NEW PC copies only 5 or 6 months ago on Ebay, and I've seen auctions like it (For multiple sealed copies) several times.

Copies of FFVII for PC are abundant, so much so that people are practically giving them away at times. (That auction for 7 copies closed at like $23, I woulda bid but wtf would I do with the other 6 copies? Sell em? Not at a profit, thats for sure.......I'd have to give em away)


Anyway the PC version blows, the music is MIDI FFS! That alone is enough, not to mention the FMVs and overall "fuzzy" look compared to the Playstation version.

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