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BDiamond FBAxxx 2005-03-20


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From http://fbaxxx.fr.st/


- updated to FBA v0.2.95.23

- added 19xx Asia (CPS2)

- added Alien vs Predator Asia (CPS2)

- added Puzz Loop 2 (CPS2)

- added The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary (Kof2002 bootleg/hack)

- changed the way buttons are configured (much more simple now, simply press the button you want to assign)

- corrected support for 128MB XBoxes, I guess no more "slowmotion" (still untested because of a fried 128MB Xbox...)

- corrected Diagnostic mode problem with cave games, you can now go in and out of diagnostic mode by selecting it in the menu or with the 1st player BACK + WHITE combo during gameplay

- removed Autounibios (causing a lot more trouble than anything, option for lazy people)

- removed no CRC check (if CRC are checked, there is a very good reson)

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Yeah, I've heard on irc that bdiamond was going to release a version of fba-xxx.

I also heard him and Jan talking about not releasing the sources of it. :)

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that would suck if that does happen, jan does have some hate for gogo and co. for releasing fba-xxx with banned games and it wasn't 100% resolved but ended up using a loophole with patches since it doesn't break fba's rule (its your choice to patch it or not).

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