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Hello all,


Just a minor update really. Changes are taken from the readme...



MAMEdOX v1.1 Changes


Interface improvements/modifications


* B Button toggle's favorite status on/off in ROM List.

* Screenshots code fixed. Now works like MAME32.

* Skin updated with extra buttons.



Changes to Options


* Added option to skip mame warnings (This option skips the 'Game not working' screens in MAMEdOX.)

* Fixed erratic behaviour of neogeo bios option. (The original neogeo bios option code written by bendermike wasn't working properly.)

* Removed Screenshots use parent/clone option due to updated screenshot display code



Driver Updates


* Driver updates for avspa, 19xxa and pzloop2j. Now fully supported.

* Added support and pre driver for kof10th. *NOTE THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY*



Neo-Geo Set Changes



* cthd2k3n

* kof2001/kof2k1nd

* kof2002/kof2k2nd

* matrim

* ms4plus

* mslug4/mslug4nd

* rotd/rotdnd

* samsh5nd

* sengoku3

* kof2003b

* kof2k3up

* kof2k4ex

* samsh5nd

* samsh5sp

* samsho5




* kf2k1pl2

* kf2k1pls

* kof2001b

* kof2k2pa

* kof2k2pls

* matrimbl


Renamed KOF2003 to KOF2003D (proper title for romset)




* help.txt updated.

* vm.txt updated.

* DAT's updated.


Archive contains new DAT's and full sourcecode.


Release has been submitted to xbins for hosting, so it should appear there shortly. :peopleseybrow:

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