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KoF 10th Anniversary Edition (Hack)

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actually, DATs can be considered drivers. its just specifically intended to support Nebula (NOT Kawaks). not being written in a source code fashion doesnt make it any less than intended.


Its a dat that is for the driver.Without the correct code the dat would be useless.

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yes thats true, but so is open-sourced drivers. it is very limited all right and not flexible but for a closed-source emulator (again, NOT Kawaks) trying to add flexibility, i must admit it is a very clever method.


you dont compile DATs, and you dont see what specific codes the DATs correspond to, both true. but for the sole purpose of adding games support, it IS still a driver.


the only real difference is flexibility.

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Ok you call it a driver I call it a dat. for the simple reason if nebula has no support ( code ) then the dat has no use.The dat only tells what roms to load and what size and xor The main driver would be needed if the rom set is a protected.The main way the dat would work for a unsupported rom set would be to load a fully decrypted rom set. or by chance the emu has some sort of code and the Fix key is known.


By all means you call it a driver To me its only a dat.

Anyway everyone will call it whatever they want to :)

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