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LokiTorrent... A HOAX?


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Get back to track folks.

Loki completely screwed everyone. He took the cash, settled Big Brother, then left for Cuba. The P2P community has blacklisted his name, and now, we shall start a WORLD HUNT FOR HIM.

This is true. What was the total amount in donations that he "stole" from users?

Somewhere along 24,000 USD if I recall.

Fuh-uuuck... That's enough reason to string him up.

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As soon as I heard about the "let's band together and fight the MPAA". I was VERY suspicious of Lokitorrent and avoided it completely...for fear that they were monitoring people and selling the info to the MPAA. But I was fooled since it was a Hoaxxers.

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Loki Torrents was only $710.00 dollars away from reaching their initial goal. At the time of writing Slyck.com's initial article, Loki Torrent claimed to have raised an impressive $29,290.00 from the p2p community.

This seems to me like the perfect amount to attract people to donate.

IMHO, that sum is only the hoaxer's claim, and so is worth nothing. He could have gained much more. Who would donate if he said "We have much more than what we planned, but keep donating"?

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