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Two Request about Kawa-x mod


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HK$ Prican has right send me in PVT,but I'm little confuse now about this roms to patch via XBE and other roms like sngoku3n e kof95 when I can change some baddumps without touch XBE.....someone can post a ROMCENTER DAT with all updates+extra roms(kof2k3 ecc ecc)

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Except sngokun P1 & kof95 V1 & sets update matching MAME 0.80, U needn't any other changes.


Btw, samsho5sp & ss5spnd correct m1d 512 Kb was released, crc32 : 203D744E. As the 3 last segs of 128 Kb 'R the same ones & have minor diff with the 1st seg, I only post a patch to get the 128 Kb one :


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