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Ebs is missing in action or taking a holiday for a day or 2....good on him hope hes enjoying himself.


HK+ has added a few little things and ill se what he does tonight if he gets what he could do tonight might look at releasing it to general public


Cheers to the many by the way that helped

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Yes, as you can see I added an option to select using screenshots of clone or parent rom. Also added two options to set Flicker filter value (0-5) and soften (enabled/disabled).


And also fixed the sortMode problem.


enjoy! :roll:





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I think ill do small and large one only will be about 10 and 100-150megs id say.


Im not putting all roms pics in. Just about 700-800 of the top games all working no speed issues no crap games (relatively :( ) no double ups. If you want a great rom package just get roms of the screenshots, id say most fo the games you would want are there. ( If there are important missing ones let me know )


There has been a few issues finalising build, but Esb and HK+ have been doing marvels and hopefully peacing together there skills cause if they are it can all go together soon..... maybe in weekend ( not promising ) its up to them. Ill test it add all the pieces and when its totally bug free ill release it. There is quite a bit added and a few unexpected hicups as usual.


But guys thank Bender , Esb and HK+ they have made something long since dead a pleasure again.


PS this build can be put in diff folder beside your MAMEoX and it wont interfer with it eg can have both on.

Also.92 code wont go in at least untill an expert is on it, even yoshi is having trouble. So please give me a list of games that would need adding from.84-.92 no true 3d games please like soul cal it wont work. 2d games that look 3d like power drift please. I need to get a list there isnt to many. And some might be able to put in.

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