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Hi everyone ! :lol:


I'am not here to announce a new release of bendermameox but I will stop for a few moment.


Emulation is actually boring me, I am addicted to emu for many years and I want to stop a little :(


This is not definitive but only a break for me ;)


I hope you'll understand me ;)


Anyone can continue my build if they want ;)


and BritneysPAIRS you can release the xbe with soften off :) (and sorry for msn away.. !)


See you soon !



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yeah it can get out of hand sometimes...thanx for Soften\flicker off version...it will remain on my arcade machine as the best mameox ever


many people have burned out trying to update mameox...no one has spoken to xport since he tried to implement the.90 core...some say it killed him :lol:

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  • 3 months later...

Hi Everyone ! :(


I'll come back for BenderMameOX.


Current WIP Work :


- Rebuild Midway driver to previous functional one to have Mortal Kombat and Nba jam etc at normal speed


- Add Universal Bios 2.1 (out today)


- Flicker filter OFF (Done)


- Add new seibuspi drivers (Raiden Fighters Jet & Raiden Fighters 2)

* For that i'm stuck for now... I have added the driver, but after the "Loading Complete" emulator freeze... I have try many things for 2 weeks and no result :( so i won't be able to continue that, but i will share sources.


that's all for now ;)


PS : BritneyPAIRS please resend me your msn, I lost it :huh:


See you soon !

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Hi bender we should talk B4 you continue EBsay and HK$ and myself have updated alot since you left and I all source etc and have lists of stuff ETC that people have asked for. I have been busy on XBMC of late but have learnt compiling ETC so I can help more.


MSN me on disson@hotmail.com :) will be good to do some more work on it.


PS alot has changed in MamedOX like filter ficker on/off and soften on/off in menu its your start but quite alot of improvements you should really start here not where you left off.


Anyway message me ill catch you up with progress as ive been away from it for a little while now as well.

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great to see everyone is back


bpairs pm me with your msn adress and ill get back to testing


currently running mamedox 1.1 non-fbaxxx pro version on the mvs-2 cab with full.84 set



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