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FBAxxx with progeaR!


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FBAXXX (06/02/2005)



What's New?


-Added Progear driver

-Upgraded CPS sources with FBA PC new ones, Progear now works and some bugs are now corrected (vampire savior's intro)

-Many minor bugs fixed (savestates, version...)

-Rom counter bug fixed

-Select and Start mappable option corrected, it will normally work fine now

-Autofire will normally work on all games now

-Added a shortcut to enable/disable autofire (right stick to the top)

-Corrected some drivers (CRC) and re-included some strangely missing (cps changer)

-Added possibility to show or not games not working (in the ini file)

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progear plays great !


That it does! In comparison with the actual board, there are only a very few differences I have noticed. The color is just a bit less vibrant, but not really noticeable. Gameplay wise, there is a very small amount of lag in the control, but not enough to make a difference in playing...the only thing I did notice was the slowdown when the screen fills up. So in other words...REALLY FRICKIN' GREAT!!! :P


Now...if someone could whip up a version of Kawa-X running Progear, we could get full comparison on all the emulators.

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