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SHITZ! The Dumbest Thing I've EVER Done


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Ok I Accidentally Delated The Partitions On Both Of My HDDs(Dont Ask) And I Need To Get A Hold Of A Program That Recovers The Data, PLZ!!


Thank You,...


EDIT: I Found One, Any Tried It?


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Uh... good luck with that. How in the blue hell did you manage to flock up like that?


Well, I Was Fixing My Friends Crappy Computer,.. And After The Fifth Try With Win98se I Decided To Get 2000. Only Problem Is:

1. His First HDD Was To Small For Win2000

2. His Second Fitted, But His First HDD Wouldnt Be A Slave

3. I Am Forgetful(You'll See How This Fits Into All Of This)


His Comp Is So Crappy That When Ever It Gets To The Windows Boot Up Screen It Would Just Crash. So I Decided To Redo 98, Mainly Cuz I Remembered It Needed The 98 Starup Disk To Install It--I Usally Installed It With My Comp, Then Put THe HDD Back In His.-- Which I Had. So Then I Was Gonna Try To Put The 98 Back But This Tyme Use His Computer To Do It. But First I Had To Fdisk The 2 HDDs. After Taking Out His HDDs I THOUGHT I Put Them In Mine, Cuz His Wouldnt Boot Anything For crap. After Delating Both Of My HDDs I Look At The Side Of My Comp, And All I Saw Was MY 2 HDDs, Crap And A Saw His On My GhettoBoX. Crap,...

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Nice one triple 6, your screwed man, just use the program you found, it says it'll work, hope this never happens to me :(


Thats Exactly What I Thought, I Pirated The Program, And It Was For Floppies, And My Sisters Laptop Has NO Floppy Drive,... <_<

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Ohh I Forgot To Mention, I Aquired A Copy Of Partition Recovery, And It Worked, I Got All My Porn Back. And I Think I'll Take Your Guys Advice On The Backup And Those Other Programs.

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