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I finally got my Christmas present!


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Well I Finally Got My Present Two Days Ago, And On That Day, I Started Building, THIS!!

Pic 1

Yes, That Thing At The Bottum Is My Sock

Pic 2

Look Hot Messy It Is In There

Pic 3

Can You See The Old PSX PCB?


And Because I Was To Lazy To Solder Or Crimp, I GlueGuned!


What Do You Guys Think Of It?


And Yes That Is My Old Vans Shoe Box.


hehehe i know that eventually you would do something useful during your life hehehee good job, why not using a wooden box inside your current box, this way it will be cool and also have a good quality,


i would likt to do the same, but i am not spending that much on buttons and stuff, i am not getting raped that easily

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hey Alexis, those buttons and joystick aren't really that much from happ controls around 14 bucks for the stick and about 2 bucks per button

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