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jajajjajja...FPS fans are gonna hate this


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Not surprised, once I heard the announcement of a Duke 3D conversion for HL2, I said to myself how fast that was going to go down.

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Duke Nukem "Taking" Forever :P


Anyway, I do understand where 3d realms is coming from... If the mod turns out to be crappy, it will reflect badly back on them (Kinda like their own game [Duke Nukem - Manhattan project :thumbsup1:]).

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You better dun let Gryph read this  :P

This is atleast a week old, it has been discussed to death at the 3DR forums. It was nuked the day after the mod team went public (which was a over a week ago I think) and the news people just posted it yesterday or the day before.


But that mod team must have been really stupid to think they could get away with using copyrighted and trademark material like that. Those who are all like "oh no this sucks! I hate 3DR" don't know crap about intellectual property. Many other Duke Nukem 3D remakes have been shut down already but no one seemed to throw a crap-fit till now.:rolleyes: This is the same thing Blizzard and Square did, they have to defend their IPs. They should have asked permission from 3DR just like the team making a new Hexen came using Doom 3 engine. Hell, many of the other teams who tried to remake Duke Nukem 3D were gracious and received lots of free stuff from 3DR but I don't think this team is getting anything anytime soon.


And yes, Duke Nukem Taking Forever will be released and either one of three things will happen: 1) We'll die by then, 2) We'll crap our pants, or 3) It just doesn't matter because it's only video game and there are more important things to worry about


And, Duke Nukem Forever has received the Wired Vaporware Lifetime Achievement Award which George Broussard is quite proud of. :P


And if you don't know by now, I'm an Apogee/3DRealms fanboy.

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