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What Programmin Language you're currently taking?


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Top Posters In This Topic

I used to know (can still do a little bit):


LOGO (greatest language on Earth)

BASIC (Made a few text games when I was young)

Pascal (Some more text games with graphics and music)

C++ (very rudimentary)


All those were on my old computer which I no longer have. :punk: I miss those games.

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Im currently learning Visual C++, next year im taking Visual Basic and JAVA, there used to be a networking class in my school, I don't know what happened to it tho..


Don't waste your time with networking classes unless you want an easy grade...its a waste of time.


I had to do it in my first year of university and after about 1 week I stopped going ot class and just worked on the assignments and exams and ended up getting a high distinction... :thumbsup1:

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