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Nice incense burner. But that would make a terrible bong, it wouldn't even work. Those straws aren't very airtight and it doesn't have a shotgun hole. Where does the incense go?


Well I'm Sure Its Air Tight Enough, Cuz The Most Tyme Consuming Thing to Do Was Glue Gun The Straws On. And I Put The Incense At The Bottum Where That Huge Bolt Is Located.


Looks like it's almost ready to leap off the desk and start conquering the world.


What Axe scent is that, am I the only one that noticed?

Its "Essence" Although I Never Use It,..

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I was pretty sure I knew how all these things worked, but I don't know anymore...


I like that you have a tiny vice on your computer desk. That screams "things you shouldn't be doing near computer equipment" to me. hehehe..


And the cheapest "incence burner" I've ever seen made was a crushed coke can with a hole in it. Unless you count aluminum foil sculpture.

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