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I once made a similar thread, but whatever.


Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (must have, although Zelda isn't an RPG)

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Sword of Mana ( the only thing that goes past this is Legend of Mana on the PSX)

Golden Suns


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (far better on the PSX, but whatever)

Final Fantasy I & II

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*nods* I remember that post, Agozer. But anyway..in addition to those mentioned there's also..


megaman battlenetwork series

lunar legend

phantasy star collection

all those freaking pokemon games

lufia ruins of lore

dragonball z legend of goku games (bleh..)

onimusha tatctics

shining soul series (is this really an rpg? oh well close enough)

tactics ogre

balder's gate

shining force resurection of the dark dragon (loved the genesis ones)

fire emblem

boktai 2

zoids legacy

dokapon monster hunter

car battler joe

demikids games


If some in that list are not actually rpgs, sorry. I just woke up and still too tired to actually check. I'm sure there's some I missed as well.

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