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Ill look into that but ill be deleting that screen soon. Im not really into hosting art work. If someone wants something ill do it for them for free , some others pay for this service. I wish to support the site in everyway I can but hosting Walls is not my thing I know how bad/good I am, my good point and my limitations.


But if this site in anyway wants a help graphically Im sure I can find some time.


I love Steet Fighter Alpha 3 and my Xbox emulation ive seen GryphonKlaw Prican25, N3oGhost and a few others in parts of the scene so I know they know there stuff. I really want to pretty MAMEoX up for Xbox and I know there are people here that can code and top people meet here. And im allways wiling to help if requested but just showing off my stuff is not y im here id love to improve what we have though


Peace from the newbe

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BritneysPAIRS, pay no attention to K'dash, he's our token troll. :)


And Agozer, I'm pretty sure Windows allows PNG desktops.

No he is the token Hentai lover.

If it's female and hot, i'll fap.

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Hey BritneysPAIRS, can you make a wallpaper of Ian aka. K Dash? I have plenty of pics of him so don't worry about it. Just let me know if you are willing to hook it up. :P

Eh, why are you so interested in gettingn a wallpaper that only features random pics of K`dash? :)

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