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Which game is better ?  

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Fuck, we get Metal Gear Solid 3 here in March. :)Fucking pathetic french and germans.

Nice uncensoring :P

What's the link between MGS3 coming out in March, and french and germans?

Because they are usually the main reason why games are delaying to hell over here. That and PAL50.


Yeh especially speech-heavy efforts like Metal Gear :( We had better get a 60hz option but... or else...

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what is the point of comparing 6 totally different games from totally different catagories. it's like asking "which is better the redsox, the raiders, or the pistons?"


Im no golf expert but i belive the Raiders are having a good season

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just wanted to say the only games i like up there are mgs3 gta:sanandreas and halo2 but i just wanted to see wat you think i have like 4 games that are up there already so it doesnt matter anymore just wanted to see your vote

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shut up

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Stay with the topic people, discuss about his choices, not dissing about it...


I would myself, the only game from that list I'm getting is MGS:3, I hear enough from the Guilty Parties, and I hear enough from several people here as well. This game outta be the best for a motion picture game, finally a better MGS game with an intense great story players can stick with and enjoy the long cinematics.


btw.. I own GTA:SA so I don't have to chose that all over again.

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